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It is with great regret that I have to announce at this time I've decided to shut this site down until further notice.  I've removed any and all pages, photos, images, links and stories that had been posted on this site from my service provider's servers.

On June 23rd, 2005 a revised federal law goes into effect here in the United States.  This law which is commonly know as 2257 calls for very stringent record keeping of all persons appearing in photos posted on the internet.  It does not eliminate your right to take the photos or to post them.  Those rights are guaranteed to us under the first amendment of our constitution.  No, the new law just greatly increases the amount of paperwork and documentation needed.  Failure to fully comply with the new requirements or if the recording is not done properly, it might result in heavy fines and/or imprisonment.  Like any new law many things about this one are not totally clear at this time and subject to debate.  Exactly what will be allowed and not allowed under the new law is a subject of hot discussion today in many places on the net.  I'm sure much more discussion and debate will follow in the coming days, months and maybe years.  Several court challenges are sure to follow as they always do and then and only then will we all know exactly where we stand.  So, until it's 100% clear exactly what is expected of anybody choosing to post a photo or photos on the internet, I've decided, like many others, to take a wait and see attitude.

I've very much enjoyed posting this site over the past several years and I hope to return to the airwaves at some point in the not too distant future once this matter has been resolved one way or the other.  I will, at that time, attempt to operate within the framework of the new law.

Please 'bookmark' this page and check back with me from time to time as I will post periodic progress reports on this subject as they become known.  If you have something to share with me, feel free to send an e-mail.

If you'd like to learn more about this new law, there are lots of places you can visit on the net.  These posting are only for your reference.  Do not rely on them as law.  I've posted a couple of links to help get you started:

The Attorney General's Changes to the Section 2257 Regulations